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Is Probate Public in California?

The answer is yes. Probate is a public proceeding in the Superior Court in California. What that means is that ...

Is probate necessary when there is only one beneficiary?

And the answer is it depends. If the beneficiary is the surviving spouse, then the surviving spouse may do what's ...

Do you need a probate case if the decedent did not own property when he or she passed away?

The answer in most cases is no. The purpose of probate is to make sure that property gets to the ...

What happens after a probate case is done in California?

One question I receive is what happens aftera probate case is done in California? Well, to get to the point ...

How does probate work if there is no will?

Now, probate if there is a will and probate if there is not a will are very similar to each ...

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