About California Estate Planning

Understanding Spousal Rights and Disinheritance

In the United States, the subject of estate planning is fraught with complexities, particularly when it comes to the rights of a surviving spouse. A common misconception is the idea ...

Don’t Neglect Your Estate Plan Checkup

The importance of having an updated, comprehensive estate plan cannot be overstated. It is a crucial aspect of life planning that ensures your wishes are honored and your loved ones ...

Estate Plan Stress Tests: A Vital Step in Wealth Management

Think of your estate plan as a living entity that needs to evolve with the changes in your life. Various life events such as the birth of a child, children ...

3 Common Estate Planning Misconceptions

1. It is Only for the RichOften, when we see headlines about estate planning, they're typically focused on high-profile individuals - wealthy entrepreneurs or celebrities who've either neglected to create ...

Practical Steps for Dividing Personal Items

Throughout our lives, we accumulate various belongings, some of which hold sentimental value or monetary worth. It's crucial to ensure these items are allocated according to your wishes after your ...

Why an Inheritance Calls for Estate Plan Adjustments

Inheriting wealth is a major event that, if not managed correctly, can lead to financial missteps and potential loss. Individuals who receive an inheritance often face challenges in managing their ...

Choosing a Trustee: What you need to know

Establishing a trust is akin to nominating a financial guardian who takes charge of your financial affairs. The role of a trustee is multifaceted, encompassing tasks like collecting income, paying ...

How to Make Your Inheritance Last

Research conducted in 2012 revealed that approximately a third of Americans who inherit money end up with negative savings within two years. Among those who inherit $100,000 or more, almost ...

Navigating 10 Different Trust Options for Estate Planning

Navigating the different trust options in the pursuit of crafting an optimal estate plan can be overwhelming. If you are worried that things might go wrong, contact us and we ...

What Wills and Trusts Can Achieve

Do you still wonder about the differences between a will and a trust? Then you're probably in the same boat as many. While we're here to help you navigate this, ...

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