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protecting children

Beware of Living Trust Scare Tactics

Do not believe a salesperson tells you these myths when you ask about a Living Trust. Consult a licensed attorney to determine if a Living Trust will be an effective solution for your individual needs. Be alert for any signs that you may be dealing with a “trust mill” instead of a licensed attorney.

protecting children

Setting the Stage for Medi-Cal Eligibility

While you might be in sound health today, you should always make plans for the unkown. When making arrangements for incapacity, Medi-Cal needs to be considered.

protecting children

Veteran Aid and Attendance

Even if elderly Veterans have income above the limit for a VA pension, they may still be eligible if they have high care expenses, such as if their nursing home expenses are not reimbursed by insurance.

protecting children

Saving the Family Farm

If you want your family farm to survive after your death, it is important to plan ahead. This eBook will illustrate ways you can plan for the survival of your family farm.

protecting children

15 Reasons to do Estate Planning

Having an estate plan can be beneficial for a single person to a family of six. It can be beneficial to someone working on a farm to a million dollar CEO. Everyone needs to plan ahead to protect their heirs. Take action now!

protecting children

Medi-Cal Planning – What You Need to Know

To sum up, there are legal and ethical ways to become eligible for Medi-Cal, but it can be a very
complicated process without proper knowledge. There are many steps you can take to protect your
assets and receive Medi-Cal.

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