California Wills and Trusts

Protect your loved ones today with a will

A will is a fundamental component of any estate plan. A will controls the distribution of your property and assets after you pass away.

Why you need a last will

  1. You choose your beneficiaries – the people who will inherit your assets after you pass away.
  2. You appoint the person or institution you want to manage your estate after your death. This person will also make sure that your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance.
  3. You specify how you’d like to transfer your property to your heirs
  4. You specify how you’d like to give money or property to charity
  5. You determine who you want to raise your kids. You can choose the right legal guardians to care for your children if you or your spouse can’t be there.
  6. You name the person or institution who will manage your estate, and do things such as pay taxes and other obligations

What happens if you pass away without a will

If you die without a will, one of your loved ones will have to start a probate case with the court, and the court will distribute your property according to California law. In essence, the Court will control “who gets what,” not you. The Court will also appoint someone to manage your estate.

If you have minor children, the Court also will appoint a guardian to care for them after you die. The appointed guardian could very well be the person or people you would never have chosen yourself to care for your children.

How we help

We can help you design and prepare a will that contains your wishes so that your goals and desires are carried out.

We will prepare, review and complete your estate planning documents to make sure they’re done right and reflect what you want.

Contact our California Wills and Trusts Law Firm today to discuss your particular needs, concerns, and hopes for the future.

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