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Can you sell a house that is in probate?

And the answer is yes. But you need to get the court's approval in most cases before you do so ...
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What does it mean when a house is in probate?

Well, if a house is in probate, what that means is that it is one of the assets that was ...
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How should you setup your will or trust if you don’t have anyone to leave your property to?

A lot of people are curious about who to leave their property to if they don't have family or loved ...
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Is Probate Needed if there is a will?

Yes, probate is needed even if there is a will. There are two types of probate in California. The first ...
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How often do people update their wills?

We see people updating their wills or their trusts anytime there's a major life change. The types of life changes ...
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Who takes over an estate for a deceased trustee?

When you set up a trust, you will designate who you want to be the successor trustee. This is the ...
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When is probate required in California?

Probate is required whenever somebody dies with more than $188,000 in his or her name. Now, this is the gross ...
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Is probate required when a spouse dies?

The answer to this question is it depends. It depends on how assets were held during the marriage by the ...
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What is the probate process?

Probate is a court process where the judge sits essentially in a role as referee to make sure that the ...
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Can a trustee withdraw money from an irrevocable trust?

The answer is yes. A trustee can withdraw money from an irrevocable trust, but only in certain circumstances. Those circumstances ...
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