Sacramento Family Protection Planning Lawyers

Sacramento Family Protection Planning LawyersIt’s not something you want to think about, but the fact is that if something happens to you and your spouse, your children’s well-being could depend on your estate plan.

Without a properly designed and implemented plan from our Sacramento family protection planning lawyers, your children could:

  • Be placed into the custody of someone who doesn’t share your values and who you would never have chosen to raise your children
  • Be subjected to a stressful, long and expensive custody battle
  • Lose valuable assets you have left to them as a result of court costs and fees
  • Be subject to predators when they become legal adults and receive their inheritances

At Crider Law, our Sacramento family protection planning lawyers offer a plan to all of our estate planning clients with young children.  This plan provides for your children according your wishes if you pass away while your children are still minors. With this plan, you choose who will raise your children if something happens to you, not the government, the court, or someone you would never have chosen yourself.

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