Protect what you have for people you love

A lot of people think that estate planning is simply about transferring assets at the time of death. But, here at Crider Law Group, we look at estate planning in a different light. We consider it as an expression of love to people who you value the most.

It is a letter for the people that you love so they have a clear understanding of what you want during your lifetime, removing all uncertainties that can cause anxiety to your loves ones.

In this webinar, we will share how we have helped numerous families to create an estate plan that:

  • Takes care of them when they become disabled or incapacitated
  • Allows them to save money to fund their long-term care cost
  • Secures their finances to avoid becoming a burden to their family
  • Helps avoid the slow and expensive process of probate
  • Protects their savings from taxes, professional fees and court costs
  • Ensures their assets are transferred to whom they want, when they want, and in the way they want
  • Minimize family disputes
  • Helps you and your loved ones avoid probate

Your Host
Matthew S. Crider
Estate Planning Attorney

Matthew Crider of Crider Law Group provides a wide range of estate planning and elder law services, advising individuals and families on how to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their assets.

His estate planning practice focuses on preserving wealth by providing comprehensive, highly personalized estate planning counsel to couples, families, individuals and business owners.

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