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Guide to Long Term Care Benefits For Veterans

Only a small number of US wartime veterans are benefitting from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) “Aid and Attendance” pension program. More than one third of Americans over the ...

Who Are The Legal Heirs in California’s Intestate Succession Law?

Heirs are individuals who are entitled by law to inherit a portion or the entire estate of a person who died “intestate”, meaning, someone who passed away without establishing a ...

Should You Invest In Life Insurance For Your Child?

Typically, investing in life insurance for a child is not recommended. Life insurance is essentially a form of financial protection for dependents when the bread winner dies. And since the ...

10 Reasons Why You Need a Last Will and Testament

Writing a last will and testament is hard because it forces us to confront the certainty of death. But if you don't have a will (or some other strategy for ...

Common Mistakes in California Estate Planning

It is a common misconception that estate planning is only for the rich. Most people have at least one thing of significant value – such as a home, car, insurance, ...

What are the Inheritance Rights of a Surviving Spouse?

A Surviving Spouse deals not only with the grief but also with the legal and financial responsibilities that come with the death of a husband or wife. It is important ...

Who Are The Next of Kin in California?

“Next of kin” under California law simply means – the closest living family members to survive a decedent or the deceased person who leaves behind property and assets under an ...

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